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Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps function by squeezing tubing with rotating rollers. They provide an economical pump that has the additional advantages of having a disposable liquid path and being self-priming. Because peristaltic pump flow is not absolutely uniform, they should not be used with oscillating drop interfacial tension measurements (dilational stress), nor with captive-needle receding contact angle measurements. They are fine for all other work.

Peristaltic Pump Module

The FTA pump can use special microbore tubing to minimize the flow pulsations found with normal peristaltic pumps. The graph shows typical dispense volume as a function of time. The requested dispense rate was 0.5 microliters per second. The irregularities are small enough to be ignored in most work.

Dispense Volume as Function of Time

Single and quad pump configurations are available. These make excellent additions to the FTA100 class of instruments. They can be retrofitted to existing instruments. A motorized tip wheel is included with the quad pump system. This wheel brings the correct dispense needle into position over the sample.

For more information on peristaltic pump operation, see Introduction to the Peristaltic Pump, Peristaltic Pumps and Comparison of External Pumps.

Order number for single pump version: 10-01.

Consult factory for multiple pump version.