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Data Export to Excel

FTA software will export text files with extensions "txt" and "dat". These can easily be read by Microsoft Excel. The following is an outline of the process to import these text files into Excel. This process is useful when you want to maintain an independent record of your data, which you do since it is saved in a disk file. However, you can copy any grid (table) directly using the Windows Clipboard.

The Clipboard copy process

  • Open Excel.

  • Select the desired grid by dragging over more than one cell so some area is highlighted. This will select the entire grid.

  • Use either Edit | Copy Grid or right-mouse-click and Copy Grid from the popup menu.

  • Within Excel, Edit | Paste cells or right-mouse-click and do the same. Your data will appear separated in Excel cells. If you have difficulty, make sure the text delimeter is set to Tab on the Fta32 LogOn screen.

The text import process

  • Within Excel, use File | Open to select the FTA file to read. You will want to choose "All Files" so the directory box will display files ending in "txt" or "dat".

  • A wizard will now automatically appear and ask you questions about how to treat the data. On the first page, the important items are

    * Start import at row... select the row you wish to start at. This lets you ignore some beginning rows. After you change the beginning row, the data preview below will change.

    * More recent versions of Excel do a better job with FTA data if you check Delimited data rather than Fixed width. However, some older versions treated dates better with Fixed width. Try Delimited first. You will be able to see in the data preview where Excel intends to set the columns.

    * Click Next to move to the next step.

  • On the second page, check the Tab box and check the data preview. In some older versions of Excel, you also had to check the Space box (two boxes checked) to separate columns.

  • Finally, you can select how to treat the numbers in each column. Most numbers are treated as "General", but date and time numbers, such as from a time stamp, require the date choice.

  • Click Finish and you will see your data in the spreadsheet.