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Exporting Images

Images are automatically saved within the database called a Movie. This single file contains all of the images in your Movie, the setup parameters for acquiring the Movie, and the analysis parameters you chose. You can always display Movie images by placing a copy of the FTA software on the computer you are using. This is allowed by the site license.

Individual images can also be exported and printed using File menu options. Images are exported as "bmp" files, which is the Windows standard. These can be easily imported into other Windows programs, such as word processors. The image that is exported or printed is the one with the focus (highlighted title bar); this is important if several Movies are open at the same time. Finally, you can export or print the Live image also.

When you view an image using the FTA program, a separate window (which you may move around) contains Results or analysis data. This window is not exported or printed. Instead, with Build 158, basic result data are written directly on the exported or printed image in the upper left-hand corner. If you wish to capture the image plus the Results window, use the PrntScrn key on your keyboard to copy the entire screen image to the Clipboard, from which it may be pasted into a word processor and saved or printed.