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Log-On Screen

When you first start the Fta32 program, you will see a log-on screen which contains various setup choices.

If the instrument has been previously setup, simply click OK and the screen will close. If you make changes, these will be automatically saved when you click OK. You do not need to do anything special. If you make changes and exit by either Cancel or clicking the system box in the upper corner of the window, no changes are saved.

When you start the instrument the first time after installation, most of the support files are automatically setup, but you must manually enter the following choices:

  • License: This will have been automatically entered if you used the recommended setup procedure or there was an FTA license already on the computer. If nothing is entered, you will have to manually type in the name and number. Once accepted, it is remembered and need not be changed again.

  • Camera Type: You must choose the camera and video type. Unless you know otherwise, use RS170 as the default video standard. The frame grabber type is shown with the shipment documentation. Since we are assuming the software installation is already completed, you can look in Start | Programs for the test program for the camera. Some possibilities include Leutron Vision, MuTech, and 3-Com. Click the Enable checkbox so the subsequent software will actually start the frame grabber driver.

  • Hardware Type: This refers to instrument hardware such as automatic syringe pumps. The installation documentation will guide you. All FTA100 series instruments use the same single entry.

There are additional support file choices available from the drop down list on the form. These set alternate names and locations for various databases. Use the default choices unless you have a specific reason. These databases can also be changed from within the program at the point where they are used. They are all brought together on the Log-On screen so the current choices can be viewed from one location, as a convenience to administrators.

All choices on the Log-On form are bundled together in the configuration file. It is possible to maintain entirely separate setups by maintaining different configuration files. Whenever you make a change within the software, however small, it is stored in the current configuration file and saved. This happens automatically without any action on the user's part. You can save the current configuration by going to the log-on screen and changing the file name using Save As. However, you would do this only if you wished to capture the current state to a new name. If it is satisfactory to continue using the same file, then do nothing.

The default name for the configuration file is "default.mdb."

If, while the FTA program is closed, you delete the configuration file, a new one will be created when you start the program next time. You will have to re-enter the camera and hardware choices. Sometimes you wish to go back to a "virginal" machine condition and this is an easy way to do it.