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About FTA

Opening Movies from CDROM's and Networks

The FTA program relies heavily on database technology. These databases require that the file be opened for both read and write, and also that auxiliary temporary files can be created in the same folder.
  • In general, you can not write to a CDROM (without special software), so you can not open a movie directly from the CDROM. Instead, you must copy it to the local hard disk and then open it.

  • You as the user may not have the priviledge of creating files across a network or in the folder containing a movie stored elsewhere on the network. Instead, as with a CDROM: copy the movie to a local hard disk and to a folder to which you have full access.

  • Sometimes files on your harddisk may be "write protected" or "read only." If an FTA movie is so marked, it can not be opened. However, in this case the program will normally give you a message and ask permission to change the security on the file.