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Password protection was modified in Build 216..

LogOn Password

This is the old Config File Password. If you have set a password on the LogOn screen, it is still valid and unaffected. Some of the details of how it is entered or changed are different, however. The label in the frame changes to prompt you and the command button also changes according to what state you are in.

No Password Set

The label in the frame says that no password has been set. In this case, there are no restrictions on the user. You may choose to leave it this way. To enter a new password, type it in the box and click "New PW". Then

  • the password is stored
  • the command button changes to "Change PW"

To Change Password

A correct password must first be entered. The label says "To change current password, enter it in text box and click Change PW." The command button will say Change PW. Then

  • the new password is stored.
  • the command button stays "Change PW".

You could, if you wanted, change it again at this point.

To Enter a Password When Starting Up

If a password has already been set, you must enter it before you can proceed (or change the password). The label will say "Enter password to have full access, or skip for limited use." The command button will say Enter. After you type in the password and click the button,

  • the password is checked, and, if valid, you gain full access and the command button changes to "Change PW".
  • if invalid, the label changes to "invalid password." You may try again.

To Remove the Password

Change the password back to an empty string --nothing, no text-- and the password feature is disabled. You must know the current password, of course, to do this.

Limited Access for Non-Password Holders

  • The configuration files on the LogOn screen can not be changed by the user.
  • The Sequencer program file name can not be changed. You must use the existing file (the one stored in the current Config File).
  • The Sequencer program can not be edited.

Note that if you, as system administrator, make a copy of the Config File and save it by a different name or in a different path, the non-validated user can not get to it and your settings will be preserved, even though the user can make local changes while runing the instrument (as he might need to).