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Preset Baselines for Contact Angle Measurements

You may preset a baseline and have it available for all subsequent Movies. The logic for this was changed in Build 218, and certain bugs were also fixed in this Build. The preset baseline is saved in the Config file so it will be available for Movies taken in the future.

Store and Reuse this Baseline

This is the checkbox on the Movie | Contact Angle tab that governs storage and use of the preset baseline. The preset baseline will appear, and be available, only when this box is checked. However, unlike previous versions, unchecking this box does not destroy the baseline stored in the Config file.

When you check the box, one of two things will happen:

  • If you already have a preset baseline in the Config file, you will be asked whether you want to replace that baseline with the current baseline in the image.

    • If you say No, then the old preset will be used.
    • If you say Cancel, then nothing happens, one way or the other.
    • If you say Yes, then an attempt will be made to store a new baseline (see below)
  • If you have no preset baseline, the logic will look for one in the following order:

    • A baseline generated from contact angle analysis of this image.
    • User clicked (right mouse button) points to signify a baseline.
    • If neither of the above, no baseline is stored and you get a message.

If you already have a preset, and want to replace it with a new one (you answered Yes to the above question), the logic looks in the same order as if you had no preset baseline. However, if there is nothing available, rather than storing "nothing", the old preset is used.

Manual and Automatic Contact Angle Analysis

The previous version of the preset baseline software worked only with automatic analysis. The version in Build 218 works equally well with both manual and automatic analysis and it displays the baseline when it is enabled by the checkbox and it is available.