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Program Startup Messages

If you get an error message as you start the program or video...

  • Message after clicking OK on Log On form. If the Enable Camera checkbox is checked, then an error here is likely the inability to load the driver for the selected camera. You can test this by unchecking Enable Camera and trying again. An improperly installed camera requires going back to Control Panel | Add Hardware and finding the correct driver. See the installation directions for your frame grabber and camera. When you think you have it right, test the camera with its demo program. For example, with Leutron Vision frame grabbers this is Camera Editor. All grabbers/cameras have a demo program available under Start | Programs. This demo program is completely independent of FTA's software.

  • A DAO (data access object) error during startup may mean that you are running the program with insufficient user priviledge; basically that you do not have permission to write to a database. See User Security Levels.

  • Message after clicking the Video checkbox to start video imaging. An error here is likely a disconnected or unpowered camera.

  • Can not find support database files message. This message is just for your information in case they should be available and all of a sudden they are not. This is probably a new machine and these files have not been created yet.