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Sending Movies to FTA

Movies can be e-mailed to FTA to help us understand your work. There are some limitations on file size and files names (extensions). The preferred process is to

  • Use the Compress option on the Fta32 LogOn screen to minimize the Access database size.

  • Use WinZip (now built-in to Windows XP) to further compress the file size. Place each Movie in a separate WinZip file/folder.

One advantage of zipped files is they automatically have an acceptable extension ("zip") for the e-mail spam filter. The standard Movie extension, "mdb", is not acceptable at this time (this could change as the e-mail spam filter changes). Some ways of dealing with the spam filter are

  • Zip the file and use the "zip" extension.

  • Remove the last character, the "b" from "mdb", perhaps replacing it with an underscore "_". The person using the file must restore the extension name. Any extension not specifically on the spam filter's list is OK. Removing the complete extension is also OK, as long as you include it in the e-mail body so it can be restored here.

There is also a size limitation on the e-mail attachment. FTA's e-mail system will receive files as large as 10 Meg but generally will not accept 20 Meg. The exact limit will vary according to how full the e-mail boxes are on this end.