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Start Up and Shut Down Times

It is useful to know what are normal start up and shut down times for the frame grabber and external hardware. Times significantly longer than these indicate a problem and will often result in an error message.

From OK on the LogOn to Video Form Ready

  • With a USB camera or a MuTech frame grabber: 3 seconds. When external automation hardware is present, such as the FTA2000 or FTA4000, there is no additional time if there is nothing to do or there is no error in communication. If there is something to do, and there is a communication error, there can be up to a 5 second delay before the error is declared, logged, and sent to the user screen (it will be displayed if Report All Errors to User is checked on the LogOn screen).

  • With a Leutron Vision PicPort frame grabber: 18 seconds. The same comments about external hardware in the MuTech case appear here also. Any hardware communication error time is in addition to the frame grabber startup time.

From Video Checked on the Video Form to Live Image

All systems: 3 seconds or less unless there is an error, in which case it may be up to 10 seconds before the error is declared, logged, and presented to the user. This step has nothing to do with external automation hardware.

To Close the Video Form

All systems: 3 seconds or less for the video driver, plus any FTA2000/FTA4000 automation shut down time. The automation time is less than 5 seconds unless there is a communications error, in which case it will take up to 30 seconds to declare, log, and present the error to the user. The Fta32 program explicitly turns everything off in the instrument before it exits. A communications error here results in a timeout and the notification to the user.

To Open a Movie from Disk

The time depends on the length of the movie, i.e., how many images are present. A rule of thumb is that it will load 10 images a second. This varies with CPU speed.

To Close a Movie

The time to close a movie depends greatly on whether it is to be compressed or not. This is a checkbox choice on the LogOn screen. Compressed movies are much smaller, but the compression takes significant time. The time only becomes noticeable when the number of images is 25 or more. If you take smaller movies, compress them and save your disk space. If you take a movie with 1000 images, you will not want to wait to compress it (but you will need a large disk!).