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Tilt and Camera Angle

  • Tilt angle is the measured angle of the sessile drop baseline against the solid surface. More particularly, it is the angle of the liquid-solid interfacial line. Tilt angle is automatically measured during contact angle measurements.

  • Camera angle is the angle of the line of sight when viewed from the side. It is 0 degrees when the camera is looking horizontally at the drop. If the camera were above the drop and looking directly down, it would be 90 degrees.

    Sometimes a slight look-down angle is employed to better see over a large specimen surface. This angle may vary from 3 to 8 degrees. For small camera angles, the effect is less than 1%.

    Camera angle may be entered on the Contact Angle tab and contact angle measurements will be corrected for the above factor. Correction of interfacial tension measurements is more difficult and not attempted. Interfacial tension measurements should be made with a horizontal viewing angle.

Camera angle correction was added with 2.0 Build 149.