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USB Powered Backlight Installation

The USB connectors can supply power to run LED illumination sources on FTA systems. This is particularly convenient when running from laptops. If you have a separate USB cable for the illumination source, you must follow a particular installation sequence to avoid getting an error message. If you get the message, simply reboot Windows and it should not appear again.

  • With the USB camera not plugged in, install the USB camera driver and the FTA software. Plug in the camera and it should be recogized as a new USB device. It will likely require further access to the CDROM drivers.

  • Turn off the computer.

  • Plug in the USB cable for the LED illumination. Restart the computer. It should start without error or message.

  • You can now plug and unplug both the camera and the illumination. USB 2 cameras draw significant power from a battery-powered laptop, so you will want to use the camera sparingly or have an extra battery. USB 1.1 cameras do not draw much current. The illumination source draws a moderate amount.

The message mentioned above is a "power overload" message if you plug the illumination in while running. This message will incorrectly reference the last USB device recognized, which will likely be the camera. There is actually no power overload. Instead, this is the default message when the operating system can not figure out what type of device just got plugged in. A lamp is too simple for it to recognize, or even conceive of. Since it does not know about this device (the lamp), it refers back to the last device it did know about (the camera). If you get this message, clear it by restarting Windows.