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Uninstalling Software

You may want to uninstall the FTA software because you are no longer going to use it on a machine, or you may need to uninstall in order to correct a previous incorrect installation.

Normal Removal of Software When No Longer Needed

Go to Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs and

  • Remove Fta32 (the main FTA program).

  • Remove the camera driver. This may be Leutron Vision, MuTech, ArtCAM, Logitech, or some other vendor.

This will not remove all files from the computer. Go to the Fta32 application folder (e.g., c:\Program Files\Fta32\) and delete it also.

Uninstall to Correct Incorrect Installation

In this case, you only want to remove Fta32 and its components. You do not want to remove the camera driver!

Go to Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs and

  • Remove Fta32 (the main FTA program). You may find more than one copy of Fta32. Remove all copies you see.

At this point you should reinstall the desired Fta32 software.

If you continue to have trouble (from the previous installations), you will need to edit the Windows Registry, after you have again removed Fta32 using Control Panel. We strongly recommend this be done by an IT person familiar with the process. If you do it improperly, you will have to reinstall Windows.

You will want to remove all keys you can to the following components:

  • FTA32.exe
  • FtaCalc.dll
  • FtaDisp.ocx
  • FtaImg.dll
  • FtaMech.dll
  • FtaIsa.dll
  • FTAToAVI.dll
  • link104.dll
  • mugrab.dll
  • Fta32.tlb

Now you can reinstall the correct software.

For further detailed information, download How to Install.