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Wrong Frame Grabber Installed

How much trouble this is depends on whether Windows has successfully registered what is physically in the machine as some other type grabber.

  • Use Control Panel | System and see if either there is no camera or grabber shown or what is shown has a yellow "?" beside it. If this is the case, right-click to Properties and Uninstall this device and remove it physically from the machine. Put the correct device in and restart Windows. Direct the New Hardware Found wizard to the correct driver on the CDROM.

  • If the device has been successfully installed, uninstall it and physically remove it. Then, put the new grabber in a different PCI slot. Restart Windows and see if you can get the Found New Hardware wizard to accept the driver you explicitly point to on the CDROM (Windows may want to use a driver it has cached away for the old device.)

  • If the above do not work, have your IT people use Run | regedit to find and remove all keys associated with the grabber or camera. Uninstall all FTA software first as this will remove a great many of the keys and make the work quicker. It is easy to reinstall FTA later.